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Ady Sheerer                                                  

Ady is an entrepreneur, a survivor of one of the worst tyrannical communist regimes and a winner in the battle against cancer.

After the fall of communism Ady traveled the world for almost two decades experiencing and learning new cultures, coaching and connecting with thousands of people along her way across Europe, the US, South America and parts of the Caribbean.

She started her first company at the age of 32 and expanded that business to five times its size in only four years. Real Time Life Coaching is an initiative that she envisioned throughout her years of travelling and entrepreneurial trials.

Ady is an avid student of philosophy and economics and her Real Time Life Coaching program is a reflection of the knowledge that she accumulated through study and from overcoming the great challenges of her life.

Ady is a certified professional coach and she is accredited by the Fowler International Academy. She studied economics with the Ludwig von Mises Institute and is a Philosopher King member of Freedomain Radio, the largest and most popular philosophy show on the web. Ady is also a proud founding member of, a powerfully emerging social media for liberty minded entrepreneurs, filmmakers, writers and other creative people.