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Thomas Bell - England

My brain got a supercharged download having life-coaching with Ady Sheerer. She enthusiastically made her case again and again to overturn many flawed convictions which were holding me back and I'm buzzing with ideas. If you've got a dream you want to live but there's something holding you back then I totally recommend you seek out RTLC.

Lia Cioara - Romania 

Ady is intuitive and inspiring. She perceived my needs better than my family, my friends, the doctors and the psychologists that were struggling to pull me out of the depression that I was battling for years. Where others failed, Ady decided to take the approach of animal therapy. She knew that the introduction of a dog in my life would motivate me and would push me to break old habits and negative states of mind that I couldn't overcome on my own. This approach changed my life in a radical way. She helped me overcome my depression and discover in myself a person that was able to do things that were unimaginable for me before. Ady is very passionate and determined in understanding herself and helping others do the same, knowing that it is the only way to truly evolve and create a better and healthier society. Her ideas gradually widened my perspective and that is one of the most important things that a person can do for you. Today, me and my dog volunteer in an organization that provides animal therapy and thanks to her guidance I feel strong enough to help others overcome their problems. 

Kevin Edington - USA

I consider myself so very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet and befriend Ady. This incredible individual has taught me the value of not only thinking outside the box but of embracing it, to not let doubt win, to be confident with my decisions and views. I have gained so much confidence due to Ady's help. She has a special and unique ability to assist me while I navigate new and uncharted regions of my mind and personality. It is reassuring to know that I am not alone. Ady has opened my mind enough to realize this.

Bianca Bocsan - England

I worked for Ady on my very first job but, instead of finding a boss there, I found a lovely family. She was first my friend and she managed to pull me out of my bubble, helped me to begin knowing myself better and showed me step by step how to start spending my time doing more interesting and useful things with my life. She helped me find a lot of answers to my questions about how to interact with people, how to expand my language skills and how to start doing what I really wanted giving me good books and movie references for inspiration. Last but not least she offers a very nice and interesting conversation easily empathizing with people at any level. 

Mark Graves - United States

Mark Graves - USA

Ady is a very positive and uplifting person that doesn't shy away from being real. She has a vast and in depth knowledge stemming from her time spent among various countries and cultures which makes her extremely well rounded when it comes to objective observations. She helped me work through the detritus of my past and learn that I was taught negative self assessment as a means to inhibit my own potential. Ady is honest and open about her own history and uses it as an example of how to overcome insecurities and to maximize one's own potential.

Maddy Bara - England

Although I haven't seen Ady in the past two years, whenever I have an important life changing decision, her voice still resonates in my head. She has a straight forward way of interacting which I enjoy and the advice that she has given me over the years was always true, real and helpful. Ady has the ability to make me look at a problem from as many different points of view as possible and helped me in finding long-term solutions. Her knowledge of psychology and her passion for the study of human interaction have helped shape and perfect all the abilities that make her a great guide. 

Jamie Bailey - Australia

Ady and I would both agree we met via an enigma on social media. Although we have never met in person I have come to respect and value her friendship. Ady has always been honest with me even when it might have been damaging to my pride. As I've personally grown, mentally and physically, over the past 18 months I was glad to have obtained such a valued friend to see me through my personal growth. If you are as lucky as I am to acquire such people in your life I would suggest holding on to them as they are very hard to come by. 

Marco Ocram - USA

Ady helped me through enlightening conversations to step out of my comfort zone and see some of the illusions that I was using as a crutch. I greatly enjoyed the books that she recommended to me. True knowledge is empowerment.