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About Us

Are you trying to get a job or do you want to perform better in your current one? Do you have a project or a business that you would like to get off the ground?

Are you interested in becoming more confident and getting rid of negative self-assessment? Are you looking to improve your relationship with your partner or with your children?

If you are determined to better any aspect of your life, we are here to guide and help you along your way.

You dream about having a better life but you have no map and no plan that will help you get from point A (your present situation) to point B (your dreams).

When you are lacking a clear vision of the road ahead it is easy to imagine the path to success as being back-breaking, exhausting and unpleasant. Many times you end up putting your dreams somewhere on a back shelf from where you pull them out only when you want to indulge in a little day dreaming.

More often than not your dreams end up gathering dust and then ultimately... they die.

Real Time Life Coaching is here to remind you that your dreams are important and, if you are a reasonable person, they are definitely achievable.

You are often expected to succeed in the hardest challenges of your life all on your own.

You're supposed to prove that you have “what it takes” but, let's be honest, most of us enter life completely unprepared.

Your parents probably weren't business planners or relationship counselors and school didn't teach you a whole lot about how to achieve success. Your teachers just pointed you to other buildings full of desks and chairs called "College" after your graduation.

You've never been told how to succeed, you've only been told you must.

So what does it take to succeed? It takes rational thought, determination, virtuous action and accountability.

Our personal development programs* will help you discover and grow all these attributes in yourself.

The Real Time Life Coaching program* that we will create and tailor to fit your personality and your needs will make an otherwise rough and stressful path to success exciting and gratifying, will help you get in touch with your true self and most importantly, will substantially improve your thinking abilities.

We are in the business of turning dreams into goals and goals into reality.

The RTLC program* is the device on which you upload your dreams and download achievements.

Request a free introductory session with our coach and take action.

Life is incredibly short.

*We are currently offering all of our programs free of charge to everyone interested in taking control over their own life. Your support is essential to Real Time Life Coaching which is 100% funded through donations.